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ang, jay, melly

back: tim long, daniel, justin; front: bobby, nat


rehearsing and waiting for our turn

china-hong kong's dragon dance



derrick and jess


lethe / lethe&pam / patrick

jason,chris / L to R: rendy,tyler,mark,joycey,justin,patrick

the post-Asian Fest IHOP tradition

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  • Anonymous clarissa says so:
    5:31 PM  

    oh my prettiness!!! wahhh all of you look so so good! top

  • Anonymous Jessjessthebesst besst says so:
    2:57 AM  

    you are so right about the chinese teacher thing...seriously...i think she wants to beat me with a bamboo cane. or turn my pegu into a flower. that's what my dad always used to say. how disturbing. top