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Why is 'N' the first key on my keyboard to start fading away? Nuts. Nincompoop. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder why.

Man...I'm going crazy because of these hives. Actually, I don't even know if it's hives for sure. That word bodes some creepy, gross connotation, only because I had no idea what it was in the first place. I still don't really, because the few pictures that came up after I googled it showed some really nasty patches of rash. Mine aren't ginormous or horrendously splotchy (knock on wood)...just small spots of rash on my arms, thighs and here and there when I (inevitably) scratch. Not-scratching has been a taxing battle to wage on my skin...and one that I all took quickly lose.

I killed my arms carrying Cherie's box to school to Fedex off. (It's the hives that have made me weak...promise.)

Other updates:
Meg is going to HK! More short-term though, she's going to Vegas this weekend to watch the Men's BSB tournament. This has been the best year for BYU athletics. Football and basketball champs. Well actually just beating Utah has made everything worth it.
She also did my laundry. Folded everything nicely. It was so nice!
I got a muy, muy bien for my Oral exam. No mistakes.
I got a free T-shirt from BYUSA today for voting. YEAH BABY!!!!! Voted Devon and Summer since I know Devon and he's a way cool kid. Jason and John's orangeness have been everywhere though...swamping the place with music and their tents and hyper-ness. We'll see who ends up winning.

A huge picture post is probably coming. There was the Men's VB game, CNY dinners, Clareese's visit...etc.

And now to bed. Hopefully I won't have to lie there awake for 2 hours like last night because of the itching.

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  • Blogger Miss Kee says so:
    4:30 PM  

    Oh no! Have you seen a doctor? actually ah, it sounds like chicken pox. Hee hee! I hope it's not lah. Hope you feel better soon.

    And I understand "muy, muy bien" Hee hee. Because my room-mates were teaching me basic 1 to 10 in Spanish.

    I hope you have a biena (?) nochase (?) when you slepp tonight. :)

    Er, that was good night btw. I haven't gotten to the spelling part... top