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I always feel like I can't post if I don't have at least one picture to put up. Weird, I know. I'm just so trigger-happy. Except I haven't brought my camera to the last few gatherings we had. Today, we went to an Eastern buffet place. Rendy and Keesh were shocked that I didn't bring my camera, until Ash told them it was because I had been at school the whole day. Heck yeah. Anyway. Justin's mum, Eric's parents, Sister Chia (Mel's mum..haha I just realized there were two), Auntie Jane and Uncle Kengho were there. It was so exciting to have everyone there. We had a huge table. I hope I get the group picture all of us took. Bob, Rendy, Marcus and Daniel left after dinner to go to Seattle. Wish I could go. But I can't because Deb's coming tomorrow!!!!!!! :D I'm so excited. Now, for my Spanish and Chinese finals to end.

Can I just say how nice it's been not to have to go into work these past 3 days? I've had finals every morning and I have two tomorrow morning. It's the best feeling in the world not to have to wake up to go to work. Don't get me wrong, when I am there it's great...pretty much the best place to work. BUT to be able to wake up when I want and not have to dash off to work for 4 hours every day is probably the greatest thing ever.

Oh well, such is life. I do have the coolest job. :)

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