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Monday, June 04, 2007 |

Oh Canada!

-There are such people as Hutterites and Mennonites. I saw four at the border, and two in the grocery store.
-Most families have little water tanks in their house to drink from.
-Driving in a beemer with Meg made me feel like a pimp.
-The 12-hour drive is NOT possible without music.
-Bring your pillow.
-Meg's family normally drives over to Grandma Saunders'. She lives one street over. Haha.
-Greg and Karina's boys lived up to their reputation of being awesome.
-Carter is adorable! Wide-eyed, tiny ski-slope nose. We all agreed he should star in a cereal-eating commercial.
-According to Thomas, not much to do in Taber but their family makes up for whatever other fun we might have missed out on.
-Meg's family has a massive flatscreen.
-Everyone can be on the computer/laptop at any given period of time.
-Gorgeous views at Watherton.
-We have tried and tested the battery life on the ipod and ipod music player.
-"Ey", "Sorry", "Bag"
-Meg brought to our attention the fact that no one on campus can wear flipflops or shorts. Meg had capris and we were all in flipflops.
-We saw the Logan, Rexburg and Cardston temples.
-Don't say a different major than the one on your I-20.
-Oil rigs and fields.
-Driving through the Montana mountain passes. Beautiful!
-Butterhorns. And the marshmallow/peanutbutter/ricekrispy brownie treat Ruthy made.
-Memorable Conversations:
Alex (as he kills someone on the video game): "VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!"
Maxwell: "It's VICTORY."
(Alex mentions something about how he has a turbo-boost on his spacecraft.)
Austin: How do you go faster?
Alex: Y.
Austin: Because I want to get a turbo boost.
Alex: Y!
Austin: So I can go faster!!!
Alex: Y!!!! (The button "Y" on the game console)
Eli (to me): Come watch me play.

Sunday, June 03, 2007 |

Here are the visuals from the Canada trip. Part 1: This is Friday and Saturday. We left Provo at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday night and drove up to Logan to stay at Meg's friend Kimberly's parents'. We left at 6:30 a.m. Friday morning and drove to Rexburg where we had a pancakes and eggs breakfast at Jillian's (Meg's old companion). Then we went to the BYU-I campus so Meg could meet up with Mower and then we were on our way to Taber. Meg's mom brought Deb and I to Waterton Saturday morning. It was beautiful. After, we went to get Meg and her dad, grabbed a bite, and then went over to Grandma's and chilled for the rest of the night.

chillin on byu-i's campus in all our flip-flop glory

meg and mower paparazzi / cheeeese

at the border! also where we saw 4 hutterites

waterton national park

don't mess with me

meg's mom and deb

it was WINDY.

The Canadian Eagle...haha


Cameron Lake...it was freezing.

The Cardston, Alberta Temple with some of my favorite people. meg, me, deb, meg's mom, dad

This kid is so stinkin' cute.

A few of the little people in Meg's family. Basically adorable.

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The BFG - Roald Dahl

'Not like it happens to me,' the BFG said. 'I is speaking the most terrible wigglish.'
'I think you speak beautifully,' Sophie said.
'You do?' cried the BFG, suddenly brightening. 'You really do?'
'Simply beautifully,' Sophie repeated.
'Well, that is the nicest present anybody is ever giving me in my whole life!' cried the BFG. 'Are you sure you is not twiddling my leg?'
'Of course not,' Sophie said. 'I just love the way you talk.'
'How wondercrump!' cried the BFG, still beaming. 'How whoopsey-splunkers! How absolutely squiffling! I is all of a stutter.'
'Listen,' Sophie said. 'We don't have to eat snozzcumbers. In the fields around our village there are all sorts of lovely vegetables like cauliflowers and carrots. Why don't you get some of those next time you go visiting?'
The BFG raised his great head proudly in the air. 'I is a very honourable giant,' he said. 'I would rather be chewing up rotsome snozzcumbers than snitching things from other people.'
'You stole me,' Sophie said.
'I did not steal you very much,' said the BFG, smiling gently. 'After all, you is only a tiny little girl.'